Staging and Showing Your Property

Marketing and Advertising entice buyers to see your home, but if they can’t see it on their schedule, you will get fewer showings, which means fewer buyers, fewer offers and fewer dollars in most cases.

Making your property as easy as possible to show, even though that can be inconvenient for you, will have a large impact on how fast and for how much your property ultimately sells for.

Next of course, is what the buyers will see when they arrive.  There a lot of professional staging companies and designers who specialize in staging homes for maximum buyer appeal – and that process can get somewhat expensive.  However there are many things that you can do at little or no cost that can help a lot.  There are other, relatively inexpensive things that you can do that will usually return more in price than they cost to do.  When we visit your home we will give you ideas on what is worth doing and what is not in your particular situation, but in general, everyone can usually benefit from following simple suggestions:

As we live in our homes we become very used to our surroundings and often stop noticing many things from odors to clutter to furniture arrangements and things that don’t work anymore.

Some of us are meticulously neat and have no issues with clutter, odors, cleanliness or obviously non-functioning items – which is good, but even when a home is perfectly kept, personal style can become an issue if the home has been made specifically ‘yours’.  Everyone has different tastes, and there are some design aspects that are very specific so that people will either love it or hate it, and others are more neutral which will appeal to the broadest audience, while few will fall in love with it.

For the rest of us who aren’t so perfectly meticulous, here are a few simple things that can be done to freshen up a home space and help it appeal to the most potential buyers:

  • Clean it. Clean tile floors and grout. Do the best you can with carpeting to freshen it up. Laminate and wood floors can be detailed if needed.
  • Hide it. You don’t want to hide real problems to mislead buyers, and you should always disclose any real problems, but there are many simple things you can do to improve obvious cosmetic issues. Dirty or chipped wall corners can be covered with corner molding (usually plastic) that not only covers the problem but prevents future wear and tear. Have an uneven wall? Try putting some paintable wall paper over it that will smooth out and hide minor dents and dings.
  • Move it. Rearrange your furniture, lamps rugs and accessories. You may find a more functional way to set up your home and the fresh approach will be noticed by buyers as well.
  • Organize it. Clutter happens. The longer we live in a place, the more stuff we tend to accumulate.  Having too much in a home makes it seem smaller, disorganized and makes it more difficult for buyers to envision themselves in the space.  Try to organize everything and remove anything that is not positively contributing to the functionality and usefulness of the space.  In general, the cleaner and simpler the interior of your home, the better.
  • Replace it. There are many simple things around your home that can be inexpensively replaced, but can make a big and positive impression overall.  Cabinet handles, switch plates and other small pieces of housing hardware, toilet seats and inexpensive but modern looking quick connect faucets can give your home a cheap makeover that make it look updated and cared for.
  • Plant it. Houseplants are an often undervalued design item that can add texture, warmth, color and freshness to any room. Just drop plants in their original store containers into decorative planters. They can be easily moved around and larger ones can make an entire statement on their own.  Grouping different plants together can have a dramatic effect, but make sure to toss out any scraggly ones.
  • Light it. Lighting has a dramatic impact on a home’s look and feel. Generally, when showing property the brighter the better, but there may be some rooms that need a special ambiance and can be lit accordingly. Natural light is always great and should be taken advantage of whenever possible. Dingy, dark homes are depressing and will usually leave a negative impact on buyers.
  • Paint it. Paint is one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to make a big change to a home. A fresh coat of paint can make an old house look brand new.  Softer, more neutral colors are best if you’re painting to sell your home.  More profound colors can be used in powder rooms, dining rooms and children’s bedrooms – but lighter, more neutral colors should be used in the living areas.  Save white for the trim or exterior.