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Getting started is easy – just click the “Get Started” button!

Or give us a call, send us an email, request a market evaluation or fill out the Contact Request form on our “About Us” page.

We’ll answer any questions you have, send you a free current market analysis if you’d like, and send you a copy of the listing agreement so you can look it over at your convenience.

Once you’ve made a decision to list your property with our Savvy Seller program, we will make an appointment to come to your home where we will take photos, measurements, check out every detail of your home, discuss ways to maximize the positive impact of your home and get prospective buyers to start visiting.

Showing your property is just as important as marketing it – the easier it is to show, the more buyers will see it, and more buyers equals higher price and faster sale.  You can show your property by appointment only, by appointment but with an electronic lock box so you don’t have to be at home if you don’t want to, or with no appointment using a lock box for the most flexibility.  The choice is yours and we will happily discuss all of the particulars with you to help you make the best decision for your circumstances.

We will give you copies of everything and show you what your home listing looks like to other Realtors and buyers in the MLS and on popular Web Sites like, Zillow, Trulia and others.

You can do as much or as little as you want to prepare your home to be shown, but the nicer it shows, the better offers you will get on it.  Check out our Staging and Showing Your Property Guide in our Additional Resources Section for more details.

In the next section we’ll discuss what happens and what to expect from the time your listing goes Active until you accept an offer.

Savvy Seller Features Description

Once you’re ready to start showing your home we will make it Active in the MLS and begin the process of syndicating the listing out to thousands of Sites on the Web.

We make sure your listing in the MLS is accurate and detailed so that anyone searching for the features your home has will find it.  We also take and post all the photos needed to represent your home in the best way possible. A virtual tour video is created and made available on the MLS, real estate Sites and on YouTube.  When signs are allowed we will have one professionally installed.

We handle all calls and inquiries about the property and coordinate and track all showings.  You can decide whether to show your property by appointment only while you are at home, require an appointment but allow it to be shown while you are not there using an electronic lock box, or allow the property to be shown without a specific appointment, also using a lock box for access.  The latter is typically used for vacant properties.  Which way you would like to show it is up to you, but the easier it is to show, the more often it will get shown and the more likely you are to get a better price for your home.

Any offers that come in will be sent to us and we will review the offer for completeness, buyer qualification and any unusual or ‘hidden’ terms.  A copy of all offers along with their supporting documents will be sent to you and we will discuss all of the pros and cons and help you decide how best to respond.  We handle all negotiations per your instructions.

In the event of multiple offers, we make sure that everyone is treated fairly and manage the entire process, which can become quite complex and fast paced, especially when there are more than just a couple of simultaneous offers.  You will be guided through the entire process to make sure that the best offer for you is the one you end up with.

Prior to accepting a contract on your property, you can also market the property yourself, even if it is just to family and friends.  You are free to do whatever you want with personal marketing and if you find your own buyer, that was not introduced to the property by an agent, you can sell your home to them and not have to pay a commission, nor our Fee. You owe nothing. The only small exception is that MLS rules do not allow you to put a For Sale By Owner sign in the yard or window while it is listed.

If you do sell your home to your own buyer, you have the option of having us handle the transaction to closing for you for the $495 fee, but that is completely up to you.

You can also cancel your listing at any time prior to accepting an offer and owe us nothing.  In this case, there is a Protection Clause that states that if you cancel your listing, then sell your home to a buyer that was introduce to your home while it was actively listed in the MLS, you would owe a commission to the agent that brought the buyer in the first place.  This is required by MLS rules to prevent sellers from cutting side deals with buyers that were originally brought to the property by an agent.  It does not apply to any buyers that you found on your own, or that were brought after the listing was canceled.  This Protection Period is in effect for 120 days after the cancellation.

Your listing can remain in the MLS for as long or short as needed.  You can make changes to the price or other terms offered as often as you’d like, and there are never any additional fees or ad-ons for these changes, or any other services that we provide in the process of servicing your home listing.

Once a contract is accepted on your home, there are many things that need to happen, within specific time frames in order for your home to close on time.  What exactly needs to happen depends on the type of property you have, whether or not there is an HOA or Condo association (and if they require buyer approval and/or seller notice), Whether or not the buyer is obtaining financing, if the contract is As-Is or has a ‘regular’ inspection clause, whether or not it is being sold furnished (and if so, whether it is part of the contract or as a side transaction), and other particulars that can become part of real estate transactions.

Depending on the particulars of the transaction, we identify all of the participants, make sure everyone is in the loop and is doing what they are supposed to do, when they are supposed to do it.

A typical transaction involves the following events that need to be coordinated:

  • Copies of the fully signed contract, addendums and disclosures distributed to all parties including the seller and buyer, agents on both sides, title company, mortgage company and any attorneys, HOA/Condo when needed and anyone else that may be involved and need copies of the contract documentation.
  • Obtain and distribute HOA or Condo documents and necessary applications.
  • Make sure the initial escrow deposit and any subsequent deposits are made and verified.
  • Make sure that title is ordered.
  • Make sure that the buyer applies for financing (if applicable) and talk to the mortgage company to establish an open communication channel that will be used throughout the process to keep everyone moving and informed.
  • Make sure that the buyer applies for HOA/Condo approval (if applicable).
  • Coordinate inspections.
  • Arrange access for the appraiser (if applicable).
  • Make sure a mortgage commitment is issued by the deadline and take appropriate actions if not.
  • Assist the title company as needed in procuring estoppel letters and other information that may be needed along the way.
  • Confirm inspection results and handle any issues arising as a result.
  • Coordinate the final walk-through inspection and all closing issues.

There are also Many other tasks, issues and problems that very frequently come up in real estate transactions – too numerous to list here.  Every property and situation is unique, but anything out of the ordinary that may come up is handled and even anticipated whenever possible to prevent or mitigate additional problems.


Full service with our Savvy Seller program means that we will:

  • Do a comprehensive market evaluation of your home so you will know what the market is like and what your competition is right now.
  • We will give you suggestions on what you can do to net more money from your sale – that is to get more in return than the cost & effort to make the changes or repairs.
  • We take a full set of high quality photos (and video if applicable) to represent your property in its best light and also make a custom virtual tour for everyone to see.
  • We measure all the rooms and note all of the details, features and upgrades of your home to make sure potential buyers have all the information they need to encourage the most interest in your property from buyers that are more likely to actually make an offer after seeing it.
  • We market your property so that everyone that could be interested in it, anywhere in the world, will know it’s available and have full and accurate information to encourage realistic offer.
  • If allowed we will have a sign professionally installed.
  • We provide electronic lock boxes, with your permission, to make showing your property more easy for you and more flexible for buyers and selling agents.
  • We coordinate all showings.
  • We handle all offers and negotiations. We make sure buyers are qualified and have the funds they will need.  All documents will be emailed to you and in most cases set up for e-signing so you won’t even have to print anything.
  • Once an offer is accepted, we handle all of the many, complex and time sensitive tasks and coordination and keep you informed of every important step along the way.
  • We coordinate inspections, appraiser access and other events that may required access to your home.
  • We make sure all of the parties – you and the buyer, lender, title company and/or attorneys and other agents are all in the loop and up to date so that the closing can happen as smoothly as possible.


In order to offer this program at the extremely low cost of $495 on the listing side, we just need for you to have access to the Internet and be able to receive email and e-Sign documents.  All you need for that is a computer (desktop, laptop or netbook), or a tablet or smart phone with general browsing capability.  You don’t need to print anything if you don’t want to and e-Signing is quick, easy, safe and legal.

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