FSBO Selling Program

This is the best way to sell your home in South Florida.

You can sell to your own buyer and pay nothing – no commission, no fees, nothing.

Your home is expertly listed in the MLS, with professional quality photos and complete and accurate descriptions of every feature so that buyers can easily find your home when it’s exactly what they’re looking for.

Your home is listed on Realtor.com, Zillow, Trulia and thousands of other real estate Sites. Anyone, anywhere in the world who could possibly be looking for a home like yours will know it’s for sale and will see it in it’s best light.

Accept only a price that will net you the money you want from the sale of your home.

If an Agent brings the buyer, 100% of the commission you pay goes to that Agent/Broker. There is no commission paid to us as the Listing Agent, which can save you half the usual commission cost and still provides 100% of the incentive for Agents to sell your home.

There is no payment up front. You only pay a commission at closing, and only to the Broker who brought the buyer. As the Listing Broker, we only collect a small $495 Processing Fee. However, if you sell to your own buyer, you pay No commission and No Processing Fee.

No Risk. You can cancel your listing at any time, for any reason, prior to accepting a sale contract from a buyer, with no obligation or cost whatsoever.